We used to love to fly. Not anymore. Today Paula and I took our first flight since 2019. LAX was crowded. Long lines at security.

We got to the airport in plenty of time. We zigged and zagged looking for the LAX economy parking lot. Waze was not very helpful. It seems that LAX changes roads constantly. We eventually found it and parked and got on the bus.

Got through security and got some lunch then waited for our flight to Denver to board. Full flight. Flight took about 2 hours. Arrived on time.

We got plenty of exercise walking from the gate to the bus pick up area. Got to the Hertz area got the car. It took me forever to figure out how everything worked.

Got to the hotel. Doubletree Aurora. Nice place. Tomorrow we meet up with Mike for his promotion ceremony at Buckley Space Force Base.

By the way, it’s cold. We haven’t been in any cold weather since we left MA in 2012

Next trip will be Mass. in May. I expect winter to be done by then.

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