So today is our day to go out and do our grocery shopping. But first, we had to meet Paula’s pusher (I mean her Avon Lady). Paula had ordered a bunch of stuff to make her more beautiful. Then she wondered out loud. “Why am I putting on lipstick when noone can see it under my mask?”. Good question.

Today, we were required to wear face masks. I really hate the mask. The one that I got is too tight and it causes me to sniffle. Plus, I can’t drink my iced coffee. And, the elastic over my ears hurt. I can’t wear the mask and wear my hearing aids at the same time. One or the other but not both. So I have trouble hearing Paula. Next time I will go back to the bandanna.

So it’s been six days since we went out to do grocery shopping. Store is pretty much the same. Some shelves empty, some fully stocked. They seem to be catching up with some of the can goods/soups.

Fresh fruit and vegetable doing fine. So too are the meat department. We got some fish, some chicken and some ground beef to do meat loaf.

Still no TP. We did get a package of napkins though. They’re trying to get people to go one way in each aisle with signs like this:

Good luck with that.

While we were waiting in the line for the checkout, I ordered take-out from Crazy Fish. Crazy Fish is a local restaurant that specializes in selling fish. Go figure. Paula ordered Asian Salad with broiled Salmon. I had my usual fish tacos. Don’t laugh. They are pretty tasty. You can have your choice of broiled fish or broiled breaded fish. Support your local businesses.

We chatted with our friend Dan in the dairy section. He is hanging in there it’s a tough job.

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One Comment on “Tuesday”

  1. Rich Bowker Says:

    Color, and especially make up , is important to one’s spirits in a a time of stress.

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