So a couple of blog posts ago, I wrote about wanting to get to the barber for a hair cut. I showed a picture of me taken at my wedding in 1978.

Paula found a couple of older pictures of me taken in 1973 at my brother Rich’s wedding. The first picture was taken at the wedding reception on board the Peter Stuyvesant at Anthony’s Pier Four in Boston. The Peter Stuyvesant was used by Anthony’s for receptions and the like. In sank during the Blizzard of 1978.

(L-R) Brother Stan, Tricia, Me

I call your attention to the hair and beard.

The second was taken at the after party at my Mom’s house in West Roxbury. The picture was my mother and her three sons.

(L-R) Me, Mom, Rich, Stan

In other news, the rain has finally stopped, but it is a bit chilly. That doesn’t matter much, because we’re not going anywhere.

We had our weekly Senior Bible study this morning on Zoom. It was nice to talk to some other human beings.



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