Board & Care #2

We visited another Board & Care today. Our goal is to make a decision by Saturday. This B&C is in San Pedro on 1st Street. It is only 5 minutes from our house. Once again this facility is in a private residence (as are most B&C’s) Here is an exterior picture:

2019-04-03 14.30.38.jpg

So this home seemed a bit bigger than the B&C we visited yesterday. It didn’t seem quite as cramped. There are three bathrooms. Each bedroom is equipped with two hospital style beds. So here are my pluses and minuses:

  • Price is $3800 flat rate per month. All inclusive.
  • Shaded patio outside.
  • 5 minute drive to get there. This means we can keep doing Mary’s usual routines like her hair appt. on Friday.
  • Newer TV. Not that it matters, Mary doesn’t watch any TV.
  • Ramps out back.

Here are some more pictures:

Bottom line is we don’t really know how Mary would take to doing the move. We will probably break the news to her in the next day or so. Then take her for a tour.

The proximity to our place issue is huge. Price is also a big plus. We can pay for it quite easily. We won’t go broke moving her. Cheaper and nicer. That’s a good combination.

Stay tuned.


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One Comment on “Board & Care #2”

  1. Roberta P. Roy Says:

    Also, check out what activities they provide.Maybe with more people her age around her, Mary might enjoy some company during the day, unless she continues her habit of sleeping most of the day.
    Most board and care are owned by Filipino families and they cook Filipino food. Food is very important so make sure to ask.
    The board and care where Stella put my mother was suppose to be one of the best. They made all kinds of promises to me and my sister, and they didn’t keep any of them.
    Where Russ is, on the other hand, the staff is wonderful. And they try to cook things Russ will enjoy. They also give him free range of the kitchen.

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