And the beat goes on. Mary’s confusion ramps up a notch. On Tuesday we urged her to go to Bible Study on Wednesday. But when Wednesday arrived, it became clear that wasn’t going to happen. Then Paula told me the story that evening of how she got up from her day long nap and told Paula that she was ready to go to Church. This was at 8 PM.

She is having great trouble distinguishing between morning and evening. She will get up in the evening and say “Good Morning” to me. It’s dark out, mind you. We try to encourage her to look at the clues of the time of day. Is it dark out? Is it light out? She mostly doesn’t get it. Same problem with the day of the week. I tried to get her to look at the header on the newspaper. She doesn’t do it even on Sunday when the top of the comics says in big bold letters “SUNDAY BREEZE”.

So last night, I was at Lodge. One of the few days that I get to be out without Mary. So Mary was talking to Paula. Apparently the subject got to be on dying. She usually doesn’t want to talk to me about dying. But for some reason, she was in the mood to be talking about death and dying. Paula asked her where she wanted to be buried and did she want an OES Funeral service. Paula gave her some options. She asked her if she would want to buried back in Kansas? Apparently not.

That’s just as well. The cost and logistics about doing that would be a big deal. She wasn’t sure about the OES service. Doesn’t matter, she’s getting an OES service whether she wants one or not. She did say that she would be fine with the Green Hill Cemetery would be fine. Okay, no problem. She wanted to know where Harold was buried. Ah, Paula told her, Harold was cremated and his ashes are in the office next to my computer. Ashes will be buried with her. We’re not ones for having ashes sitting on the shelf.

So tomorrow, she gets her hair done. Then we need to go see a notary to get the papers signed to transfer the ownership of her Prius to us. I’ve been putting this off for a long time. Need to get done before she dies. Everything gets harder after she’s gone.

Grocery shopping while she’s under the dryer. Watch the grandkids on Saturday afternoon. Paula will be making cookies with the kids while parents go on a date. Dinner for everyone Saturday evening.



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  1. L GAFFORD Says:

    thanks very much for the posts about my sister. lhgaf


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