The Storage Locker

Today Paula and I took another trip to the storage locker to work on cleaning it out. We try to get down there once a month or so. Sometimes it seems that we are not making progress. Here is what it looked like when we finished today. The picture on the right shows a mostly empty set of shelves. That’s the progress we’ve made.

We managed to fill up the Jeep with stuff. We filled up two trash bags. We went through a lot of saved documents including bank statements and bill from over 10 years ago. We dropped off some stuff at Good Will. We found a bunch of photos including our wedding pictures. We found Paula’s Job’s Daughters installation pictures for her term as Honored Queen.

We have a ton of slides yet to take home. I haven’t quite figured out how I can look at them. Most of them are stored in Kodak Carousels. Harold had a fondness for taking slide pictures rather than prints. I don’t know if there is a slide projector stashed somewhere. Asking Mary doesn’t return useful answers. My end game is to get as much scanned and stored on line.

Over the next few weeks I will be working on scanning the batch of pictures that we took home. I will post the interesting stuff. We continue to struggle with lack of dates and peoples names on the pictures.

We had asked Mary if she would like to come. I think that we finally persuaded her that it wasn’t a good idea. No place to sit. She would have really slowed us down.

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