Date Night

Last night was date night. Every couple of weeks Paula and I try to get out to have dinner and see a movie without her mother.

Last night was such a night. We were running late. It took us a while to get Mary settled in with a glass of wine and a snack. Got her set to watch the news, etc.

We decided to do dinner first at a place called “Britt’s Barbecue”. It’s a new restaurant in San Pedro and we’ve been meaning to try it. Paula had BBQ chicken and I had the pulled pork sandwich. Good food, good service and reasonable prices. Good place to go for a quick bite.

Then on to the movies. We decided to go see “Fast and Furious 7“. There wasn’t a lot to choose from. Furious 7 stars the late Paul Walker, Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson. The theater was packed with a lot of people, mostly young folks. The people sitting next to us brought the whole family including a four or five year old. Too cheap to get a baby sitter I guess. They were kind of annoying. I guess we were lucky to find two seats together on an aisle. Then there was someone sitting behind me kicking the back of my seat.

So the movie is basically two hours of chase and shoot’em up scenes. First the good guys chase the bad guys then the bad guys chase the good guys. I never quite figured out why the A team was chasing the bad guys. Something about vengeance for someone who was killed by the bad guys.

So, on and on it goes. Some how that end up in Abu Dhabi at the penthouse suite of some Arab bazillionaire. Some gadget is hidden in an expensive sports care that is parked up on the penthouse. Lot’s of good looking, scantily clad young ladies enjoying the good life.

Eventually they make their way back to LA where they commence to chase each other and blow stuff up all over LA. I kept wondering, where was the KTLA news chopper when all of this went down.

The closing credits list about 50 or 60 stunt people. I wonder how many cars were wrecked during the shooting of the film.

So Thursday night was bargain night at the theater. All seats were $5. I can deal with that. So I figure that the from the $5, $4.75 were to pay for the chases. $0.25 was to pay for the plot. Not exactly Oscar material.

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