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pianoSo we were watching the TV show “CBS Sunday Morning” this past Sunday. That was unusual in and of itself. We hardly ever get around to watching the program until much later in the week. Thank the lord for the DVR! We certainly don’t watch the show in the morning.

They did an interview with a hymn song writing team of Keith and Krystyn Getty that I found interesting. Here’s the pointer to the CBS piece. First, I find it amazing that people are still writing hymns. If one were look at the typical Protestant hymnal, you would be hard pressed to find a hymn that written less than a hundred years ago.

Second amazing thing is that one can make a living writing hymns. Keith talks about his start in hymn writing. Their mega-hit was “In Christ Alone”, written in 2001.

Getty co-wrote “In Christ Alone” in 2001, and as church songs go, it’s become something of a hit. Chances are, if you’ve actually been to church in the past decade, you’ve heard it, or sung it yourself.

In fact, in a 2013 survey of the best-loved hymns in the U.K., “In Christ Alone” was the second most-popular hymn of all time, just behind “How Great Thou Art.”

Actually, i hadn’t heard it. I found it on and will be playing it in the next week or so for our Bible Study group.

And finally, here’s a rendition by Keith and Krystn on Youtube.

My favorite quote from the CBS article is aimed at all of the preachers out there. Something to think about for our friends Pastor Jacques and Pastor Katherine.

“My joke with all my preacher friends is that if they finish a good sermon, the people go out singing the last hymn. And if they do a really bad sermon, people go out singing the last hymn. So it really doesn’t matter what they say!”


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