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Time for an update. Paula spent the last five days up in Salt Lake City tending to her Mother. If you missed the previous posts, she fell and broke her hip this past Wednesday.
 She was moved to a rehab wing of the Jordan Valley Medical Center on Monday. She in all likelihood be there for the next four weeks. She getting PT twice a day. She can get up and walk with help of a walker.
 I picked up Paula yesterday afternoon at LAX. I was so happy to have her home. I was really missing her. I had made three passes to terminal four before I found her. Usually I hang out in the Cell Phone Lot until she calls or texts me. (The cell phone lot at LAX is across from Parking Lot C. You can wait there for free until your traveller arrives. The idea is that your traveller calls or texts when they are at the curb. ) This time she sent the text a little too soon. Sunday traffic at LAX was crazy.
 We went to our son Mike’s house in PV for Father’s Day celebration. Hamburgers, hot dogs and beer. Paula gets down on the floor and plays with Jonathan. Jonathan loves his fire trucks. Jonathan is really good at mugging for the camera.

So, back to Mary. I sense there is a bit of depression setting in. She is wondering whether she would ever get home to LA. We keep telling her to do her exercises and it will happen. She is struggling with what God’s plan for her is. We can’t answer her but to say that it’s not your time yet. Stop obsessing over it. It doesn’t do anyone any good. It just deepens your funk.
 Indeed, I remember how I felt after my hip surgery in 2009. All I wanted to do was go home. Sleep in my own bed, etc. Perhaps, I can help her through that knothole. Have to work on the short term goals and the long term goal will take care of itself.
 So Paula has a week to recover from the trip before we go back to SLC. I volunteered to go with her on this next trip. I would rather stay home and arrange my sock drawer, but she needs me for support. So the sock drawer will have to wait. So we will be up in SLC for a week. After that, we’ll see.
 Neil has volunteered to fly with her back to LA when the time comes. That’s a really good idea. She certainly can’t fly by herself. And it will give us a chance to connect with Neil.
 So we went grocery shopping today. There are a few adjustments. First, we are buying only for two not three. Second, we are buying things that Mary really doesn’t like (Pasta, for example). Third, we are not buying things that Mary primarily consumes (eg. White Zin wine, butter milk).
 Looking on the bright side, this happened in SLC where we have family that can look after while we are not there. It could just have happened in Las Vegas where we know no one.
 That’s enough for now.
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