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During our trip last week we stopped at several different hotels. All of the hotels were mostly mediocre. We generally paid about $100 per night.

The worst hotel was the Primm Valley Resort and Casino (see my previous post on the subject.) We also stayed in two La Quinta hotels and one Best Western.

I made reservation for the La Quinta directly on their web site. The reservations for the Best Western and Primm Valley using and and are both aggregators. This means that they take the reservation and payment from you and deliver it to the hotel. Down side is you pay for your hotel stay when you make the reservation. They then pay the hotel when you check in. So if say, you make the reservation 30 days ahead, has your money for thirty days.

When you make a reservation directly (ala La Quinta), you don’t get charged until you check in.

Of course, (as we found out) that dealing with an aggregator, there is more chance for a screw up. ie. more people involved in the transaction.

La Quinta seemed to do pretty good on the basics. Both rooms were clean. Beds were comfortable. The free breakfast was rather meager. Though nothing would compare with the breakfast at the hotel we stayed in Memphis last year. Breakfast consisted of Krispy Kreme donuts (Max 2 to a customer) and coffee.

Breakfast at LQ consisted of cold cereal, toast, waffles, yogurt, juice and coffee. The Best Western had all of the above plus scrambled eggs, bacon and biscuits & Gravy.

All of the hotels we visited had WiFi, but the speed was generally putridly slow. Never exceeded 1Mb download speed. Most of the time it was about .5Mbps.

Of course, Primm Valley didn’t have WiFi. They don’t want you playing on the internet. They want you playing in the casino.


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