David Eno 1952-2013

I just out yesterday that my friend Dave Eno died of cancer. Strangely enough (or maybe not) I found out by reading about his death on Facebook. Will Facebook begin to replace the newspaper obits? I think so. I look at the death notices in the Boston Globe, but Dave’s obit wasn’t in the Globe,it was in the Lowell Sun. If it were not for FB, I wouldn’t have heard.

So what happens to Dave’s FB account after his death? I hope that his family have access so that they can read what has been said by Dave’s many online friends.

Dave and I go way back. We worked for 15 years (give or take) doing OpenVMS support for HP, Compaq and DEC. When your cubicles are next to each other there aren’t many secrets.

Dave struggled through a nasty divorce back in the late 90’s. His son Daniel was the joy of his life. His ex-wife less so.

I was laid off from HP in 2008. At the time, I thought that Dave would get the axe before me. The need for OpenVMS engineers was declining. Dave got the axe in 2009.

It seems that these days that corporations try hard to get rid of older employees especially those with health issues. HP was no exception.

At any rate, Dave soldiered on with his cancer treatments. In March, he was healthy enough to get down to Florida to visit with his mother.

I am sorry that I won’t be able to make the memorial service in June. Rest easy Dave. The pain is gone. Rest in peace, my friend.

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