Treble Cove Road

As many of you know, I am presently back east visiting friends and family. We decided that we would meet with our old neighbor Candee in West Billerica. So we got into our rental car and headed down to Billerica from Andover.

We got off at our old exit from Rte 3 and the first thing that we see is a brand new Mobil gas station with a Dunkin Donuts shop. Now we lived in the house for 28 years. The corner of Treble Cove Rd and Republic Rd had an old abandoned restaurant. So on my way to work, if I needed to get gas, I would have to either go into Billerica center or North Chelmsford to get gas. Need a coffee, go to Boston Rd to the Dunkin Donuts store by Treble Cove Plaza.

So, no sooner do we leave town, but Mobil and Dunkin build a new store. I am seriously bummed. I will probably have to wait another twenty years for Dunkin to build any stores in San Pedro. Bah…

And another a thing, I forgot about Hay Fever. All of the trees are in bloom and the air is full of tree pollen. Watery eyes, sneezing and runny nose. Three more days until we get back to LA.

Location:E Merrimack St,Lowell,United States

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