Autumn in LA

Autumn has finally arrived. Temperatures are going down. Night time averages in the low 60’s. This morning at 11AM it is 64F. Time to put away the shorts and flip-flops.

You might ask, what about leaves turning color? Not so much. The maple trees outside our condo are turning an ugly shade of brown. Pine trees and palm trees just stay the same. Here’s what I see.

Nothing like the foliage in New England. Not even close. I can still sit outside and enjoy breeze and listen to our artificial stream that runs through the common areas. Just means I need to put on a long sleeve shirt.

So this morning, i have the place all to myself. Paula is off to Zumba class and Mary K is off to the YMCA. I sit, blog and read my Kindle books. Life is good.

Tonight turn your clocks back. I get an extra hour of sleep before we go off to church.

No football this weekend. Patriots are on their bye week.


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Location:San Pedro, CA

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