How did get to be November already? Seems just like yesterday when we arrived in San Pedro. But the calendar says November 1.

In some ways the time goes quickly other times so slowly. We can’t wait for the election to be over with. Getting so tired of the political ads, not just for the presidential election, but also for the Cal ballot questions. Seeing as CA is not a battle ground state (like Ohio, Florida, and the like) we don’t see much of the candidates in CA.

Well enough of that. This past week we celebrated Jonathan’s first birthday. Mike and Theresa reserved a picnic at a local park for the occasion. They provided food from a place called “Maui Chicken“. Everyone had a great time. Kids got to play on the swings and slides. Adults sat, ate and talked.

Here’s a picture of Jonathan getting into his birthday cake.

Here’s a picture of Jonathan in one of his new toys.

So this past week, we read about hurricane Sandy on the east coast. First time ever that we were out of harm’s way for big storms. We were happy to just read about it on FB, Twitter and newspapers.

Jonathan is getting big. He had his 1 yr checkup at the Pediatrician’s office. He is 32″ and 24 lb.

Tuesday is Jonathan day here. Generally, every Tuesday Jonathan and family join us for dinner. This past Tuesday we had Grampa’s special lasagna and a bottle of chianti. Jonathan now knows where the box of toys is in the condo.

This past Thurday, our piano tuner came by to do the first tuning of the new piano. Sounds real good. Jonathan now knows that if you push the keys down it makes a sound. Here’s a picture of Frank from Steinway doing the tuning.

One final bit of info. The weather. It’s beginning to cool off a bit. I think it might be time to put away the shorts. It was 65 this afternoon and a bit cloudy.

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