The Balcony

Time for another update. We have this really nice balcony here at our place in San Pedro. First of all the balcony is made of concrete and steel. No wood to rot and crash down on oneself. Of course the weather here is pretty dry, so if it were wood it probably wouldn’t rot anyhow. At any rate, it isn’t going anywhere. I don’t ever want to have a deck collapse ever to happen to me again.

When we moved here from Billerica, the only furniture we brought with us was two pieces of pseudo patio furniture, a love seat and a rocking chair. The balcony is mostly shaded by the balcony on the unit above us.

There is a view of the pool and hot tub. Sometimes occupied, sometimes not. There is a lot of trees and foliage that tends to insure privacy from our neighbors across the way.

The view is eastward toward Long Beach. All one can see is parts of the oil refinery and parts of the container ship loading cranes. But in the evening all one sees are the lights of Long Beach and San Pedro.

In between the two buildings in this man made stream, that runs 24×7 by some pumps somewhere. So we listen to a lovely running stream. It tends to mask the noise from our neighbors, which is good.

We’re still trying to figure out whether or not gas grills are allowed or not. Haven’t got a straight answer from anyone. We’ll wait and see.

So here is the best part, my mother-in-law doesn’t like to go out on the balcony. Don’t know quite why but it gives Paula and I additional privacy. I can go out in the evening and a taste of Scotch or Irish Whiskey and smoke a cigar. And read my iPad. Life is good.

Lately, the temps have been dropping a tad, usually in the mid-sixties. For my M-I-L, that’s freezing, for me it’s just right. I know for New Englanders, that’s not very cold. There were some nights in September when it was still pretty warm out there, but the peace and quiet is worth it. Last night for example, it was 66 and clear. I sat out side reading and smoking a cigar. Listening to the running stream.

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Location:San Pedro

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