Whitney & Cleopatra

Busy weekend. It started on Friday. We were waiting in the Cell Phone lot at LAX for Andrea to arrive. [Cell phone lots are places where you can hang out for free to wait for someone to arrive. Passenger calls you when they get out to the curb and you go pick them up. LAX has one, BOS has one. Follow the signs to find them.]

So while waiting we got a call from our R.E. agent in New Hampshire. She told us that she had a couple of prospects for renting our condo in Plymouth. Good news indeed.Then we got a call from Dr. Sheila. [Paula’s boss at Chelmford Ped’s] She called to tell us that she was in Long Beach for the weekend. So we made plans to meet up later in the day. Then Andrea called to tell she was at the curb. Off we go to fetch her.

Our plan for Friday was to go to the Grammy Museum in downtown LA. We had seen review of a new Whitney Houston exhibit. I don’t have any pictures. Mgmt was real stinky about allowing folks taking pictures. They had lots of memorabilia of many big name acts. You could listen to some of the major hits of acts like Beach Boys, Woody Guthrie, R&B acts. Interesting stuff. Of course you exit through the gift shop. Lots of CD’s and T shirts. All over priced. There was a greatest hits CD for Whitney for $30. You can buy the same album on iTunes for $15.

We had dinner at lodge. Every other Friday is pub night at the lodge. Food and drink for reasonable donation.

On Saturday we were off to see the “Cleopatra” exhibit at the California Science Center. We started with Imax film about Egypt. Narrated by Omar Sharif. Omar sure has aged gracefully. Film had nothing to do with Cleopatra. Mostly about the Nile and Howard Carter’s discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun. Interesting stuff.

We had lunch in the big cafe. Then on to the Cleopatra exhibit. Not quite as good as the King Tut exhibit, but interesting nevertheless. Here you could take as many pictures as you like, just no video and no flash. No problem.

The exhibit was mostly artifacts from archeological digs in waters off the coast of Alexandria, Egypt. All of these pictures are taken from my iPhone. It was a fun afternoon. We will have to go back for more sometime.

Here are some of the pictures:

You can’t talk about Cleopatra without talking about Hollywood. They had shots of many women who played Cleopatra, including of course Elizabeth Taylor. (By the way, that was such a terrible movie.Three hours of interminable drivel.)

Claudette Colbert

Interestingly, no art or sculpture has ever survived to give any hints what Cleopatra actually other than words that said that she was drop dead gorgeous.

Here’s some other art works.

Done by 4PM. Now off to Long Beach to find Dr. Sheila.

That’s enuf for this post. Next post will be on Paula’s birthday dinner.


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