The Unpacking Begins

We’re unpacking about three or four boxes a day. We’ve been concentrating on kitchen stuff and clothing.

The pod was unloaded in good time on Saturday and picked up today. I picked up the tab for lunch for the unloading crew.

Sunday we took a break from our labors. Went to church and then brunch at the Pacific Diner.

Here’s a picture of boxes left to be unpacked. We ought to be done by Christmas. The big problem we are facing is where do we put the stuff? In a sense we’re doing the same thing we did in June in our house in Billerica. Some of the stuff that we are throwing out hasn’t been touched in years.

Today’s good news is we found the coffee pot. Bad news is we can’t find the filters for it. So we’ll use the small pot that only makes four cups per cycle until I get to the store to buy the filters.

So as we unpack, we invariably find something that should not have made the journey. Why on earth did we pack that thing-a-mabob? Of course the answer was it was packed by Tom and Al, who made no decisions others than to pack it.
So it goes into the recycle box.

All of the china and crystal has survived the journey unscathed. Not a broken goblet yet.

Much of our belongings will stay in box until we find a place for them. It may take awhile. I am convinced that my mother-in-law has become incapable of throwing anything out.

So we’re sitting on the balcony in one of the few pieces of furniture to make the trip. Meanwhile, Mary K has gone off to the HOA’s Board of Directors meeting. She does love to go to meetings.


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One Comment on “The Unpacking Begins”

  1. Nancy McLaughlin Says:

    glad to hear you’re settling in nicely. don’t rush it.

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