Settling In

Settling in has begun. The jeep is mostly unloaded and contents mostly unpacked. Things that were lost for the duration of the trip have been found (mostly).

The POD is scheduled to be delivered tomorrow. Mike has lined up volunteer labor to help us unload. We haven’t been able to get a straight answer from the HOA on parking the POD in the guest lot. So it goes. To quote Admiral Grace Hopper, “Easier to ask forgiveness than permission”,

We’ve spent the last couple of days dealing with little (but time consuming) issues. Had to get extra perimeter keys (aka keys to the condo common areas) and a remote to open the garage gate. This took a trip to the mgmt office in Torrance. Took about two hours. Went to UPS store to ship some stuff to Roberta.

I also had to go the local Home Depot to get copies of keys made. Trip to CVS to pick up Rx. CVS being a national chain makes it easy to get Rx from Billerica filled in San Pedro.

Started working on change of address issues. I was amazed on how fast Northeastern University changed my address. Warp speed indeed. I started working through the mail that had piled up with an empty trash can at the ready. I found a check from our old mortgage company for refund on escrow account. $1355, woohoo!

We did some grocery shopping. Takes a while to get acclimated to the layout of a new grocery store. One of the conveniences of Cal stores is that they sell liquor. Beer, wine, hard stuff. Picked up some Gin, vermouth and olives.

On one of the grocery trips, a young lad asked if I would sign a petition supporting medical marijuana clinics. I told him I was not registered to vote yet. He pulled out a form to register. So now California has one additional (Democrat) voter.

We are working on decluttering the condo. Mary K (mother in law) tends to save a great amount of paper. Every flat surface in the place had a pile of paper on it. This will be an ongoing project.

Things that will need to be done in the near future:

– order internet service
– upgrade DirecTV service with DVR
– Get a piano
– Get a new HD TV

Enough for today. I am posting a couple of pictures of the view. No inside pictures yet. Too messy.

One final note. Folks have asked if this blog will continue after the move completion. Absolutely. I find that it is a nice way to communicate to many of our New England friends,

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Location:San Pedro, CA

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