Weather etc.

Time for an update. After seeing the national news and national weather maps, I begin to appreciate how nice it is her in NH. The south-east is sweltering with no power and no AC. Colorado and Utah are up in flames. And here in NH, it doesn’t get much higher than 80. We don’t have AC in the condo, and mostly we don’t need it. This morning’s temp was about 55 with ground fog. Warmed up to about 75 by mid-afternoon.

If it weren’t for the winter, this would be a nice place to retire. Last few days our routine was to go to the UPS store, then the deli next store for lunch, then across the common to pick up the mail at the Post Office. Sometimes we go to “Annie’s Overflow Cafe” for lunch. Sign over the door says “$5 charge for whining”. They have art work posted on the walls from local artists. My favorite is titled “Sit Free or Die”. (pictures of many NH outhouses). I have been tempted¬† to buy it. I don’t think that Mary K would appreciate the yankee humor.

Shipped the last of three boxes off to Mike. Sent stuff that we probably won’t need until we get to California. Should ease the pain of packing the Jeep. We did our grocery shopping today and we are all set for the Fourth of July. Nothing special planned. If it gets hot, we might find a movie in the afternoon.

We still need to catch up to Bill at Hebron Marine. He told us that the boat has been sold. So we will have a couple of checks to catch. Unfortunately, the closest B of A ATM is in Concord.

The trip to Ireland is all set. We will be in Ireland from 7/13 to 7/24. So stay cool. If you’re out west pray for rain. If you’re down south, I hope you get the power and AC back on. I know how hot it can be down south without AC.



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