Okay, what do you do when it’s hot outside and you don’t have AC? You go to the movies, of course. Paula and I took a ride down to Meredith to see Seth McFarland’s movie “Ted”.

Ted Poster

Well worth the $12 for the two of us. BTW, matinees are generally cheap.

This was a movie of absolutely no social import, but it was funny. Seth MacFarland is the creator of “The Family Guy” on the Fox Channel. If a lot of foul language bother you, you shouldn’t see this movie.

The film was filmed in and around Boston. Lots of external shots of Boston landmarks. I kept wondering how Matt Damon’s character always managed to find a parking spot. Incredible.

Also, there a climax scene shot inside Fenway Park. I kept wondering how they managed to get inside the park and the lights just happened to be on. Never mind, just clear your mind and just accept that it was movie magic.

We then had a nice lunch at “The Mug” in Center Harbor. Next movie that Paula wants to see is “Magic Mike“. Probably a good movie for “Girls Nite Out”. Reviews say that Matthew McConaughey does an excellent job. We’ll probably do this one then I’ll drag her to Prometheus.

Magic Mike Poster

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