Memorial Day

Well it’s been a busy weekend. Started out yesterday with a visit to the Plymouth Post Office to rent a PO Box for the summer. Then off to Hannafords for groceries. The PO clerk was mad at us for showing up at five minutes before closing to rent a PO Box. Had to have ID cards plus some verification that we were living in the area. Showed them the tax bill. That was good enough.

So new mailing address is PO Box 863, Plymouth, NH 03264.

Today after an excellent breakfast, pancakes for Paula and eggs over easy for me, we headed off for the day’s activities.

Started off with lunch at Kathleen’s Cottage, an Irish pub in Bristol with Guinness on tap. Had an excellent lunch. Paula had a lamb burger and I had a fish sandwich. Very tasty indeed.

Then we headed over to Gilford for the movies. Seeing as we were a bit early we went to Sawyer’s for Ice Cream.

Then to Gilford Cinema to see “The Avengers”. Was an excellent film with much blowing of things up. Scarlett Johansen was exceptionally hot.

Now finally home to have a late dinner of left over pasta and a glass of Shiraz.


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Location:Plymouth, NH

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