When we got back from Grand Chapter on Saturday, we had a note from the USPS telling us we had a registered letter waiting for us. So much head scratching ensued.

Picked up letter at the PO yesterday. It seems one of our neighbors on Rio Vista Street wants to erect an above ground pool. And said pool is too close to the property boundary. So they need zoning variance. Letter was announcement of issue before Zoning Board of Appeals.

Don’t care, but new owner might so I scanned and passed it on to the new owners. Even if we weren’t selling the house, I probably wouldn’t care. We are up hill from the proposed pool, so if the pool liner fails, 50,000 gals of water won’t end up in my basement.

It seems that as the date for the closing gets closer the number of idiots calling to ask if we might be interested in a great deal in financing increases. Though some people are paying attention. We seem to be receiving a lot of post cards in the mail offering moving services.

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