Hotel Bath Design

We have been staying at a DoubleTree Hotel last couple of days. Overall, it’s been a nice stay, but there is one thing is wrong. The bathroom. Here’s the thing. Here are a couple of pictures:

So the first picture is of the large wall. What’s missing? Towel racks. No towel racks anywhere in bathroom. Who doesn’t put towel racks in bathrooms? Maybe they want us to throw the towels on the floor.

In the next picture is the shower stall. It kind of looks nice but it is not functional. To turn on the water, one has to get in stall and close the door. Then one has to try and turn on the water. The trick is to turn on the water without getting drenched with cold water.

All that being said, we like DoubleTree and Hilton. We especially like the chocolate chip cookies they give you when you check in. Gooey gobs of delicious chocolate. I would show a picture, but they don’t last very long.

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