Corona Rambling

So we went to church this morning. It seems that it was about the only event that wasn’t cancelled due to the Corona virus. Our church (Oceanview Baptist in San Pedro) had taken steps to control things. No passing the offering plate, greeters wore gloves, no snacks after service, but there was coffee (poured by kitchen staff).

Attendance was down a bit. I could tell because I didn’t have any problem finding a parking space. Rain had finally stopped and sun was shining.

We didn’t go out for brunch with our grand kids, but Paula and I felt we could use some pancakes and eggs/bacon. Restaurant was open though not very crowded.

So on Friday Paula and I went grocery shopping. Friday is one of our normal shopping days. The place was mobbed. All check out lanes operating. It took us 45 minutes to check out once we got into line.

So they’re running out of TP, hand sanitizer, Clorox and bottled water. I sort of understand the TP and hand sanitizer but I don’t get the water. Why do people think they need bottled water? The virus isn’t transmitted by the water supply. Do think it is or will be? Beats me.

Checkout line on Friday (note the wine shelves)
Picture taken on 3/10. Much emptier on Friday

So you can see the crowd waiting to check out. Paper goods aisle empty. There doesn’t seem to be a run on wine and beer. WTF? Nobody needs beer to make it through the impending doom? If this were Mass. before a blizzard the beer and vodka would be gone too.

We felt lucky that our guests from the Boston area were back home before all the Corona virus stuff hit the fan.

So now we have to figure out to do for the weeks ahead. Lodge cancelled, OES canceled. Assistance League cancelled. Grand kids and family will probably be over for dinner next week. All of their activities have been cancelled. Maybe we can watch some movies on Netflix? Paula has a bunch of projects for us.

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One Comment on “Corona Rambling”

  1. Berta Says:

    Enjoy some coffee time out on your balcony and talk to the squirrels for starters!! Love Berta ❣️🌻 πŸŒΉπŸ¦‹β˜•β˜•πŸ₯ƒπŸ₯ƒπŸ·πŸΈ

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