Writing and Spelling

Okay, it’s time to talk about my favorite writing issues. I am in no way an English scholar. But I did learn a few things in high school that I have managed to remember after some 60 something years.

First, use of homonyms (or whatever they call them nowadays). I still remember when to use:

  • Where, were, we’re – So we have: Where am I going? I’d be careful if I were you, and we’re going to the baseball game.
  • Hear, here – I hear that you are coming to visit us here
  • You’re, Your – You’re not going to like this. Your computer is dead.
  • It’s, its – It’s going to be a hot day. The computer lost its mind. This is sometimes hard to remember. “It’s” is short for “it is”. “Its” is plural of “it”.
  • Why’re, wire – Don’t see this mistake too often. I don’t usually see “Wire you here?”

Okay, here’s my second gripe. Run-on paragraphs. We received a letter a while ago that was one paragraph densely packed over two pages. Totally unreadable. Take a look at a newspaper. You’ll rarely see a paragraph with more than two or three sentences. Sometimes, you’ll even see one sentence paragraphs.

Third gripe, spelling. No excuse in this day and age to screw up spelling. One day long ago, my mom and dad had my two brothers in a spelling bee at the Marshfield Fair. The three of us took first, second and third. Somethings just stick.

That’ll be enough. Back to my crossword puzzle.

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