FB Rant

Okay, here are a couple of things that bug me about Facebook (or maybe FB users). If you don’t do FB then go read something else or go arrange your sock drawer or something.

At this moment in time, I have 336 FB friends that are spread around this country. These friends are from a wide range of organizations including Eastern Star, Masons, Church(es), Relatives and ex-coworkers. I have been doing FB now for about 8 years. My lovely wife Paula does it too but not for quite as long.

So every now and then I get some new friend requests or FB suggests people that I should be FB friends with. So I ask myself, who is this person? And where do I know them from? Are they from the east coast or west? Did you once work for DEC or Compaq or HP? Did you work with Paula? You get the picture.

So I get a friend request. I start by looking at person’s profile picture. Oh dear, the person a picture of their dog or cat for their profile pic. How am I supposed to figure out who you are if I can’t see your face. When you get to my age, you have met many people.

I know that people like to put up pictures of something they feel strongly about. But for God’s, sake get the picture back to what you look like, preferably a picture that was taken in the last 10 years. There are other places on FB for pictures of your pets or your boat or whatever.

If you don’t have a picture up on your FB profile and you don’t know how to do it. Stop and figure it out or ask someone for help. It’s not rocket science.

There, I feel better.

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