Trip Report

Back in the day when I would travel on business, I would be required to write a trip report. So continuing in that vein, here is my report from out trip to Boston.

First thing that I noticed was how green everything was. We get used to the drought of LA. Not only did I see the green with my eyes, I saw it with my nose. Not long after we had landed I started sniffling and sneezing from the tree pollen. We saw a coating of green on our car. Car rental was on Budget, which is the same as Avis. No problems with the rental. Filled with gas before we headed to Logan

Rental car was a KIA Sportage. Rental cars are a great way to try out cars before you buy. I won’t be buying a KIA anytime soon. Killed myself trying to get into the damn thing. I can safely cross that off my list, even though it really wasn’t on it to begin with.

Paula and I arrived last Wednesday at 0615 on the Red-eye from LAX. The last couple of years we have had to do the redeye because Paula had things she had to do on Tuesday and I had to be in Boston on Wednesday. So that meant taking the redeye. We’ve found that we can fly first class for not much more than flying coach. When one flys coach the airlines these days keep nickel and diming you such that for a little bit more you can fly first class and have bigger seats and be treated like human beings.

So we met up with the OES Hall Committee at the Cracker Barrel in Tewksbury for Breakfast. Once that was done we headed over to the Lowell Memorial Auditorium to start setting up. Once that was done, we headed up to the Wyndham in Andover to wait for our room to be ready. We got to our room by about 1230 which was pretty good considering that we might have had to wait until 1500. We got a few hours sleep and then got up for our first banquet.

On Thursday went to visit with our friend Candee in Billerica, then headed back up to Lowell for opening session of OES Grand Chapter. Drove by our house on Dyer Street. The front lawn still looks shitty. I guess the new owners haven’t gotten around to re-seeding the lawn.

Finished Grand Chapter on Sunday. Then went to visit our friends at First Congregational Church of Billerica. Then we headed down to Hingham to visit with my brother and his wife in Hingham. Had a lovely dinner with Rich and Mary, then back to Andover.

On Monday, we headed up to Nashua to visit with some friends from Chelmsford Pediatrics. Saw our friend Kathy and her daughter Audrey. Checked out of the Wyndham and headed to Boston. We decided to stay at the Airport Hilton on Monday night before our early flight on Tuesday. Dropped off out luggage then :I took the car back to the rental place. The Hilton shuttle picked me up right quick.

The Hilton was not cheap, but worth it seeing as our flight left BOS at 0800 on Tuesday. We had a fine dinner. I had a cup of Clam Chowder and a Lobster roll. I won’t be having any lobster for quite a while.

Got up at 0500. Showered and dressed and out the door at 0615, Checked in and through security in plenty of time. Didn’t have to take off my shoes or take my laptop out of the bag. TSA seems to be getting better at doing the security screen.

Outbound flight was on American Airlines which was okay. Return flight was on Delta. Major problem was Terminal 5 at LAX is still under construction. The place is a mess. Bathrooms are crowded and messy. Avoid Terminal 5 at all costs for the next year or three. LAX arrival seems to be always a zoo. We have to look at doing the trip from Long Beach next time.

Arrived in LA pretty much on time. We had to hire a limo service to take us back to San Pedro. Worked out okay but cost us a lot more than it would have if Theresa or Mike could have picked us up. Theresa would be free. Limo about $100.

Time to unpack and do laundry. Picked up BBQ chicken, potato salad and cole slaw from Haggens (nee Albertson’s) for dinner.

All done. Time to sleep.

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