Two Years in California

Today is our two year anniversary of our arrival in the great state of California. On Aug 22, 2012 we arrived after our trip across the country. We had stopped in Delaware, North Carolina, Alabama, Louisiana, Tennessee, Missouri, Colorado, Wyoming, Utah and Nevada.

Our trip across the country took about 21 days. We had initially planned to take a little longer with a stop in Chicago, but decided to skip Chicago because we felt Paula’s mother needed us to be there,

We had visited friends in North Carolina. We visited Paula’s family in Houma, LA. We stopped for a couple of days to visit Graceland and Memphis.

We visited our son Neil in Salt Lake City. Neil had requested that we buy a case of Sam Adams Beer in Evanston, WY, before we crossed over the Zion curtain. (Utah doesn’t sell full strength beer in either grocery stores or state liquor stores.)

Here are some pictures:

This was our POD. It contained all of the stuff we were bringing to LA plus a few odds and ends in the back of the Jeep. It was pretty full.



Mississippi rest stop had WiFi. There was a young man there keeping track of where people were from. He was amazed to hear that we were from Mass. It made his day.



Graceland on the 35th anniversary of Elvis’ death.



This is the Olympic Nordic training center in Park City, UT.




This was the hotel/casino we stayed on our last day on the road. What a dump. We’ve since learned of better places to stay on our way to visit Neil in UT.



Mojave desert. This was at a rest stop just after the NV-CA state line.



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