Jonathan Drops In

Yesterday, Paula and I were out doing grocery shopping. I get a call from Theresa asking could they come over to hang out while her car was being serviced? Sure, I say. We will be by to pick you up in about 20 minutes.
 So we pull up to the auto mechanic garage. Paula starts to load the car seat in the back of the Jeep. Jonathan is none too happy with the situation. I think he was afraid that Mom was shipping him off with us without her.
 So he calms down when he sees Theresa getting in to the Jeep with us. So off we go. When we got home, we load the groceries into a cart. Jonathan likes to push the grocery cart. So we let him push while I gently guide the cart in the right direction.
 Next step is for Jonathan to push the button for the elevator. Jonathan loves to “drive” the elevator.
 So we go into our condo, and out come the toys. We got a new toy helicopter for Jonathan and Jonathan likes it. I tried to get pictures but tough to hit a moving object. He is also getting the hang of the hobby horse.

 Mechanic calls at 4pm to tell us car is ready and off we go again. Grandchildren are so much fun.
 Meatloaf for dinner tonight.
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