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Okay, one more post and then I will be done for a while.

Most of you already know this about me. So bear with me. I am the organist for my Masonic Lodge in  San Pedro as well as the organist for San Pedro Harbor Chapter Order of Eastern Star. Now you’d think that seeing as organist is part of my job title, that I played an organ. Nay, not so. I play a piano.

It seems that real organs at Masonic Lodges are rather rare in Southern California. I have yet to see a working organ in the lodges that I have visited. Some day I will figure out why that is.

Most of the lodges in Massachusetts actually have an organ. Some of the larger buildings actually have a working pipe organ. Although, many of the pipe organs are getting rather old and falling into disrepair. For example, the Lowell Masonic Center in Lowell, MA has a pipe organ and alas it no longer works. I did get to play it before it had to be shutdown. Repairs of pipe organs can run into 6 digits.

Now i would be happy if I can get our hall association to pay to get the piano tuned. Am I the only one who hears the off tune piano?

But back to Organs. Our former church in Billerica, MA has an excellent electronic organ made by the Allen Organ Company. They put the speakers behind the pipes in the chancel, so you think that the sound is coming from the pipes. Fabulous sound. When I played that organ, I couldn’t hear anyone singing. I could only tell they were singing by seeing their lips move.

The church that we attend here in San Pedro has an older Wurlitzer that doesn’t get played much. It doesn’t have the necessary ooomph to fill the room. Anyway, they are more into Christian Rock. I do miss a good church organ.

So what got me started writing a blog post about organs? I saw a post on FB about a Compton Organ at the Apollo Theater. So without further ado here are a couple of videos of organ performances.

And finally, I give you “Phantom of the Opera”

And one last thing. This wouldn’t be complete without the Saint-Saens Finale to the Organ Symphony.


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