Cell Phone Lots

So you might say, what the hell is a cell phone lot. Perhaps, you have seen a sign for one at the airport. A cell phone lot is a place where you can park for free and wait for someone who is arriving at an airport. They appeared on the scene about 5 years ago.
 The concept is simple. You go to the cell phone lot. Sit in your car and wait for the arrival. You tell the person who is arriving to call or text you when they have their luggage and are at the curb, ready to be picked up. Then when you get the call you head out to the terminal and swoop in and load up your arrival and off you go.
 This means you don’t have to pay to park and wander around the arrival area looking for your arrival. Hopefully, you do one orbit around the terminal area.
 So most airports have cell phone lots. I know for certain there is one at LAX and one at BOS. The one at LAX is across from “Parking Lot C”. While driving north on Sepulveda, stay in the center lane. Follow signs for Parking Lot C. Go past the exit for the terminal then turn right at 98th St. Cell phone lot will be on your left. By this time, you will probably see signs for the Cell Phone Lot. When leaving for the terminal, turn left out of the lot then immediate left turn up the ramp takes you to the terminal. Here’s the map.

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