Mother in Law

So yesterday at Ocean View we had a guest preacher who was preaching about marriage. After reading the title I was bracing myself for the harangue about same sex marriage, but I was pleasantly surprised. It was about the sacredness of marriage vows. It was more something I would expect to hear in a Roman Catholic Church. He was quoting from Malachi Chapter 2. But never mind.

This post is more about Mothers-in-law. Our own pastor at the end of the service told us a joke about Mothers-in-law. It goes something like this:

M-I-L to S-I-L: I would like to be cremated.

S-I-L to M-I-L: Okay, get your coat. Let’s go.

I told Pastor Jacques after the service, I feel your pain.

So as a Son-in-Law living with my Mother-in-Law, I try real hard to keep a thick skin and try to ignore the unintentional and intentional slights. Every day is a challenge.

So yesterday, Paula and I were planning on going to the movies to see “12 Years a Slave”. [By the way, it’s a great movie. Go see it.] We asked Mary K if she would like to come. Sometimes I hope for a “No” so that I can have some alone time with my Paula. But this time she said yes.

So off we go to the theater in Torrance. We hardly get a 1/2 mile from our house when she tells us that she forgot her glasses. So we are already on a tight schedule. So we don’t go back.

We find a parking space that is not too far from the theater. (Perhaps I need to try again to persuade her to apply for a HP placard.) We get out tickets and proceed to the theater. The lights are already down low for the upcoming attractions. We now find out that Mary K is now having really big problems with low light situations. The only place with three seats together is about 15 rows up.

I need to go into the row first to guide Mary K to her seat. So Mary K plops down between Paula and myself. So i can’t even sit next to my wife in the theater, arghhhh.

The film finishes and we wait for the credits to finish and for the house lights to come up so that we can get Mary K safely down the stairs without danger of falling.

As we head back to the car, we come to a curb that is painted red and is a contoured shape. Paula tries to get her to traverse the curb. It is clear that she can’t see it very well. So she stumbles and falls backward. Luckily we have a good hold on her and we manage her to a soft landing on her butt.

We finally get her back on her feet and back into the car. We stop for dinner at a local Mexican restaurant. Then finally home and after some news, into bed.

One more thing. Weather today is 75 and sunny. Not a cloud in the sky. I’m writing this sitting on the balcony. Paula and Mary K are off to her PT session. So I have about an hour of quiet time.

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