High Noon

Last night we watched the movie “High Noon” on Netflix. High Noon starred Gary Cooper and Grace Kelly. Gary Cooper plays a retiring Marshall who is faced with meeting a bad guy from his past who has been released from prison. So the story starts with Cooper’s character getting married to Grace Kelly’s character on a Sunday morning.

High Noon (1952) Poster

Then he is told by the railroad station guy that the bad guy is coming on the noon train to meet up with his old gang. Of course, none of the cowards in the town are brave enough to help. Half the town is in the saloon, the other half in the church. So it’s only Gary Cooper and his bride to take on the four bad guys.

You’d expect Gary Cooper to face the four in the street, head to head. But no, he’s brave but not stupid. He picks them off one by one in the alleys and barns. Lloyd Bridges plays the Deputy Marshall who also won’t help.

Also starring in the movie are Harry Morgan (from MASH and Dragnet fame), Lloyd Bridges and Lon Chaney. Gary Cooper won the Best Actor Oscar for the film in 1953.

So what got us watching High Noon? That’s the real story here. I was looking for “Western” music to play at our LA Harbor Lodge meetings. That’s “Western” music, not “Country and Western” music. That lead me to several TV Westerns and Movie Westerns. Some movie themes don’t work so well when done on a piano. They only work well for a full orchestra.

So that led me to the theme from “High Noon”, written by the great Dimitri Tiomkin and lyrics by Ned Washington. Tiomkin and Washington won Oscars for Best Song and Best Score. It works well for piano. So I downloaded the lead sheet score from Musicnotes.com.

Here are the lyrics from High Noon.

Do not forsake me, oh, my darlin’,
On this, our wedding day.
Do not forsake me, oh, my darlin’,
Wait; wait alone.
I do not know what fate awaits me.
I only know I must be brave.
For I must face a man who hates me,
Or lie a coward, a craven coward;
Or lie a coward in my grave. 

Oh, to be torn ‘twixt love an’ duty.
S’posin’ I lose my fair-haired beauty.
Look at that big hand move along,
Nearing high noon. 

He made a vow while in state prison:
Vowed it would be my life for his an’,
I’m not afraid of death but, oh, what shall I do,
If you leave me? 

Do not forsake me, oh, my darlin’:
You made that promise as a bride.
Do not forsake me, oh, my darlin’.
Although you’re grievin’, don’t think of leavin’,
Now that I need you by my side. 

Wait along, (Wait along.)
Wait along.
Wait along. (Wait along, wait along, wait along, wait along.) 

I particularly like the second verse “He made a vow while in state prison, Vowed it would be my life or his an”.

Finally, here is the link to the theme “High Noon” sung by Tex Ritter.

To the members of LA Harbor Lodge, you will be hearing “High Noon” at our next meetings.



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