Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all of friends and family spread across the globe. Time for an update from San Pedro. Thank you for all the Christmas cards and letters that we have received. We are running out of space to hang them around our dining room wall. It seems that more and more people are sending Christmas letters. We love reading them all.
 This is the quiet time of Christmas. We had planned to go to Christmas Eve services at the Ocean View Baptist Church in San Pedro, but we had to cancel on account of Mary K’s situation. More on that later.
 Mike, Theresa and Jonathan will be over for Christmas dinner tomorrow. That will be fun. Having Jonathan over is always fun. He is such a joy. We got him a toy Xylophone. So now we can have a duet!
 I am trying not to gloat but the weather here is wonderful. Temp today is 70 right now. It was a bit higher earlier in the afternoon.
 Mary K has had a hard time of it for the last couple of weeks. First was the fall that knocked her three front teeth out. She has almost finished the dental work to fix that situation. Now, this past Sunday, she was walking with Paula late in the day when she got dizzy and fell again. Paula generally has tried to keep her arm on her. But for some reason she got distracted.
 So, more hurt. We eventually called the EMT’s. Had her transported to the ER. She didn’t think she could handle getting into the Jeep. So she had X-rays that showed fractured left humerus. They gave her a sling and pain meds and sent her home.
 Paula got her into the Jeep and brought her home. I met her down by the elevator with one of our kitchen chairs with wheels. We got her upstairs and into bed for the night.
 On Monday, Paula took her to orthopedic doc for followup. Wants to schedule MRI. Not sure what that’s going to show. Anyway, we got the Rx filled at CVS. Trying to keep her comfortable.
 She seems so much more frail than she was before this last incident. She seems visibly weaker. I suppose not eating very much doesn’t help things.
 So everyone, please pray for her. She can use all the help that God can provide. And try to keep this quiet. She doesn’t read anything on the internet. Not Facebook, not email, not blogs. We have been trying to discretely let people know her situation. She would be mad at me for dropping a dime on her. But I thought it was important for everyone to know.
 So looking forward, she won’t be driving for a while and that’s a good thing. Maybe, just maybe we can take the car keys away from her for good. Once again we will try to get her to use a walker, or at the very least a cane. That will be a hard sell. She wouldn’t be able to use it anyway with her arm in a sling.
 So Christmas Eve supper is in the crock pot. We’re having pea soup with leftover ham and carrots. It’s been cooking since 10am this morning.
 Maybe we’ll watch another Christmas movie on Netflix. Toss up between Chevy Chase’s “Christmas Vacation” or maybe “It’s a Wonderful Life”. I’m leaning towards Chevy Chase.
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One Comment on “Merry Christmas”

  1. Rich Says:

    Bad Santa is our choice!

    Sorry to hear about Mary K.

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