iPhone 5S vs Samsung Galaxy Note 3

I am getting the urge to upgrade my cell phone. For the past two years I have had an iPhone 4S. This was my second iPhone. The first being a 3GS model.

So Apple has announced their new iPhone models yesterday. New top of the line 5S and a 5C (the C doesn’t stand for cheap, btw,) Apple didn’t say what the “C” stood for but I think it stands for “Color”. Anyhow, it doesn’t matter much.

Samsung has also announced some new products. The one that I am particularly interested in is the “Galaxy Note 3″. This is what folks are calling a PHablet. ie. a mix of tablet and phone. It has a 5.7″ screen compared to the iPhone 5S’s 4”. It would be a bit large to fit in my shirt pocket. So here are a couple of pictures.

The iPhone 5S at its launch in California on Tuesday

Samsung Galaxy Note III preview

Price for both devices is similar. The 32GB iPhone 5S is $299 and the Galaxy Note 3 is $299. There has been tons of stuff written about both devices. So my question for everyone is which would you choose and why?

Here’s some of my thoughts.

Staying with Apple would make the upgrade real easy. Just back up the 4S and download onto the 5S. All of the apps that I have purchased would work with the new phone. Data compatibility with my iPad.

But screen size is a big one. If I got the note 3, there would be less occasions that I would need to bring my iPad. The Note 3 has a replaceable battery which is cool.

So what do you all think?

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3 Comments on “iPhone 5S vs Samsung Galaxy Note 3”

  1. Ron Says:

    The battery time on the 5 is supposed to be phenomenal with 10 hours talk or data & like 250 hours on standby. With the new charger it goes from zero to completely charged in about an hour and a half, so battery shouldn’t be a concern. The integration with your previous phone/ipad would do it for me. The phablet phones are just too big and don’t feel “right” in your hand versus the iphone feeling just right. I say iphone, I’m getting the 5s…

  2. I really like my iPhone 5. It might be worth waiting to see what iOS7 is like before deciding. That will run on your 4S, right?

  3. joebowker Says:

    Yes, I plan on downloading ios v7. Apple says it will be available on 9/18. Planning on giving the 4S to Paula.

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