Rough start to the day. My phone rang at 0700. Of course, it was on the desk. By the time I got to it, the call had gone to voice mail. The call was from Paula’s Mom across the hall. She wanted to tell us that she was ready for breakfast and she wanted to go with us to Denny’s. Argggh. That couldn’t wait until 0830? Ten minutes goes by and she knocks on the door. This time Paula answers. We’ll do breakfast at 0900.

So we had a decent breakfast at the Denny’s next door. Mediocre, but better than the free breakfast at LaQuinta. Makes me long for the breakfast at either the Pacific Diner or the Gaffey Street Diner. Eggs were okay. Hash browns were right out of the freezer bag. Only two slices of bacon. Coffee was good though. Waiter kept filling it up.

So off we go at 1000 to the Grand Lodge of Utah. Tours are supposed to be only on Fridays. But we managed to find someone who was probably board at doing his day job and wanted to do a tour. We joined a nice young couple from Idaho who wanted to visit.

I will do a more complete post on the Grand Lodge this weekend when I have more time. Here are a couple of pictures to whet your appetite. Quite a beautiful building.

This brought us to noon. Mary K wanted to drive by the University of Utah. So we did. Then we started getting texts from Neil. So I said to Paula, I would stop for a few minutes. I just happened to pull in to a Starbucks. I have been told by Neil that SLC now has Dunkin Donuts. I didn’t fine one. So I checked my texts and answered then got an iced coffee from Starbucks and used their bathroom.

Then we were off north to Hill AFB. Hill AFB is about 30 miles north of SLC. They have an excellent aerospace museum that is free admission. Once again, I will do a more complete post later. Wide variety of aircraft on display. Some inside, some outside.

Here are a few pictures.

Left at 1600 headed for Neil’s place for dinner. Had hotdogs and burgers (or as my friend Vicky would call them “Wienies”).

Tomorrow, we are headed home. South on I-15 to Nevada. Stop in Primm over night and then straight on to morning.

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