And a few more things…

Just a few more things to add that I forgot to write in yesterday’s post.

We’re staying at a Best Western in Elko. Decent room but one problem. There’s no coffee maker. What is wrong with these people. I expect a few things in a hotel room. They are free wifi, tv, plugs for my ipad and iphone and a COFFEE POT. So this morning I had to walk down to the front desk to get two cups of coffee. What a PITA.

We had a light dinner at a local restaurant last night. Actually it was a restaurant/casino/hotel. The one armed bandits are everywhere. you can’t seem to avoid them. And you have to walk through the casino part to get to the restaurant part. They encourage you to stop and drop a few quarters. The noise is truly annoying. But the food was good. We shared a salad and a small pizza. I had a martini, Paula had a gin & tonic.

So we have about 250 miles to do today. We ought to arrive around 4pm including the time zone change (lose an hour). More desert today. Long straight hiway with 75 mph speed limit. I always struggle with spelling of the words desert and dessert. Spellcheck doesn’t help. So I will have dessert in the desert.

I am way behind on my crossword puzzles. They are piling up in my crossword app inbox.

We will find out how Mary K did on her flight from LAX to SLC. Big attaboys to Mike and Neil for doing the airport shuttle duties.


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