Anthony’s Pier 4

I just read in the Boston Globe that Anthony’s Pier 4 will be closing in August. So sad. It was a wonderful restaurant. I haven’t dined their for a long time, but when we did it was a wonderful treat.

In an interview this week, Anthony’s owners, the sons of late founder Anthony Athanas, confirmed that the business famous for hosting generations of Brahmins, Beacon Hill powerbrokers, old-school celebrities, and ordinary families will be shuttered in August. Business isn’t what it used to be. Just a few dozen people wandered in for lunch on a recent weekday, sparsely populating a dining room that seats 500. Meanwhile, the neighborhood, a wasteland of rotting piers and dirt lots when Anthony’s opened in 1963, is teeming with development, including sleek office towers and several hot new restaurants. [Boston Globe 7/5/2013]

Probably the most memorable treat was attending my brother Rich’s wedding reception at the ship Peter Stuyvesant that was moored next to Pier 4. But that was way back in 1973. The ship was used for parties, receptions and the like. Alas, the ship sank during the blizzard of 1978. That was one hell of a party. It was a pity that the bride and groom missed most of the party. Here’s a picture of the ship after the storm.

Blizzard of 1978 - Peter Stuyyesant sank next to Anthony's Pier 4 Restaurant - Boston, MA

Take a look at the Pier 4 web site (while it’s still there). The site is loaded with pictures of the many famous people who dined there. Alas, my picture is not among the collection.

– Joe

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  1. The bride and groom are sorry they missed that party too.

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