Coffee in San Pedro

First, let me state that I miss Dunkin Donuts. That being said, let’s look at the alternatives. I hear that DD will be opening franchises in SoCal this year. One can only hope.


Pros: They know how to make iced coffee and do it well. One just has to get beyond the mocha latte BS. I’ve learned how to order my iced coffee. I just say “Medium Iced coffee, no sweetener, leave room for cream.” They get it right all the time.

They have kiosks inside Albertson’s, so I manager to finish my iced coffee in just about the time it takes to do our shopping.

They have a neat iPhone app for paying for your coffee, though it doesn’t work at Albertson’s. Have to use the card.

Cons: They don’t do decaf. Not a problem for me. But Paula usually would prefer decaf after noon.

No drive-thru.


Pros: Decent coffee. They have drive-thru, which is handy. They do iced coffee.

Cons: One needs to ask for black coffee, no sugar and add your cream and sugar yourself, otherwise they add way too much sugar and way too much cream. Fix it yourself the way you want it.

Don’t get me started on their burgers.

Granny’s Donuts (San Pedro)

Bad, bad, bad. We decided to try yesterday. Asked for coffee. I was given an iced coffee with way too much cream and sugar. Their english wasn’t so good either. They just didn’t understand what my problem was. We won’t be going there again, ever.

Did I mention that the donuts were stale?

Via Dolce (San Pedro)

Not bad. They know how to do iced coffee. They do decaf too. Free wi-fi. It’s good if you want to sit and linger over a coffee. Good selection of snacks.

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Location:San Pedro

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