Weather Here and There

Well, i have been eagerly following the weather goings on back east. Keep all the pictures coming. I am so enjoying NOT being there.

Here’s a picture of Valentine in the snow. Kathy posted a video of her running in the snow. Pretty funny.

So what’s the weather out here you might ask? Typically, the temperature range is from 50’s at night up to 60’s during the daylight hours. We are in a rainy season this time of year.

One of the side effects of the rain is that all of the hillsides next to the roads are quite green. By summer, the hills will be a golden brown.

Another interesting aspect, is that some of the trees lose their leaves and some don’t. I don’t know anything about why that is. It just makes for continuing business for the landscapers that bag up the leaves.

So one more picture for all of you waiting for Spring.

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