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It’s about time for an update. Two weeks is too long between posts. Paula and Mary are off to church this morning. I am left behind to watch Boomba. We are dog sitting this weekend so that Mike, Theresa and Jonathan can have a weekend away. Now I remember why we don’t have a pet.

Boomba is a good dog but… He is like an alarm clock that you can’t turn off. Last night we was awake at three AM. Whining. So somehow it was my turn to get up and get dressed and take him for a walk. Then he was back up at 0600. Now it was Paula’s turn. Mike & Theresa will be back this afternoon to pick him up.

Well the new computer has arrived. Loaded all of my files from the old computer and shipped the old one to Neil. It’s taking me a while to get used to the new keyboard. Lots of typos. Windows 8 is taking some getting used to. Overall, I am pleased with the performance.

We have been in Southern California for about four months now. Weather is beginning to turn cold and damp. I finally broke down and started putting on a coat. Temp is in the fifties. The weather guy on the news gives about 8 or 9 forecasts depending on our location. LA county is (geographically) huge. Probably bigger than the state of RI.

Life with Mary K goes on. She has her good days and bad days. Her short term memory is getting very bad. I can tell her something one day and have to repeat again the next. Our tastes in TV tend to differ. She likes to watch Dr Phil and the local news while we like to watch Letterman, Jon Stewart, and Stephen Colbert. When she watches Dr Phil, I either go in the office and watch videos online or read. I don’t think she has figured out that I despise watching Dr Phil.

In the reading department, I am reading the biography of Joseph P Kennedy by David Nasaw. Interesting stuff.

Last Monday, we watched the NE Patriots play on Monday Night Football. Of course Mary K doesn’t like football, so she went in to her room and pouted for the rest of the evening. Sigh. It’s not like we watch football every weekend. This was the first football game we had watched all NFL season. She probably won’t be happy tonight. Patriots are on Sunday Night Football tonight. I expect that towards the end of the season we will see more Patriot’s games on national TV.

We met with our new minister last week. He preached at last Sunday’s services. He also came to our weekly bible study meeting. Seems like a nice enough guy. His command of the Bible is impressive. (though I would certainly expect him to be.) The church was to vote on accepting him after the service. Mostly a done deal. He managed to remember everyone’s name around the table. He starts work on Feb 1.

Finally, we got our Christmas letter written and mailed. Paula has a few letters that she will be adding personal notes.

I will probably do a separate post on the Sandy Hook tragedy.



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