More This and That

Time for another update.

We are beginning to settle into a routine around here. Sunday we usually go to church. The church is the Ocean View Baptist Church. And yes, it does have an ocean view. There are two services at 0900 and 1030. Later one is a bit more traditional. But the traditional service is more modern than services back in Billerica. We usually go to the earlier service and then out to local restaurants for brunch. Here’s a picture of the view.

On Wednesday’s we usually go to morning Bible study at 1030. I think that Paula and I are the youngest people there.

Next week we have OES meeting on Monday Evening. Then I have 3rd degree at Lodge.

This past week we went shopping for a piano. Theresa had given me a flyer that they had received for a special Steinway sale at Walt Disney Concert hall. So I made the call to the 800 number. The phone system got confused about the 978 area code on my phone and routed the call to NYC. Buy they managed to get me routed to the right folks running the sale and we made an appointment.

So on Thursday, we headed downtown Los Angeles to Walt Disney Hall. The hall is the home of the LA Philharmonic. Filled out a form and got to talk to a nice salesman named David Ida.

Steinway had moved about 30 pianos into one of the rehearsal halls. Most of the pianos where grand pianos. The uprights (or verticals as they now call them) were off in a corner.

They had three brands, Essed, Boston, and Steinway. Essex and Boston are manufactured by Steinway. Sort of budget brand. All of them sounded great. I started off playing Heigh Ho from Snow White. My homage to the great Walt Disney. Heights ranged from about 40″ to 48″. The 48″ Steinway had the same sound board as the baby grand. We finally settled on a 42″ Essex. Price was affordable. I liked the Steinway, but price was about $17,000. A little steep for my taste. The Essex was about $6,000. Here’s a picture.

Before we left, I asked if I could play one of the concert grands selling for about $175,000. David said sure have at it. I neglected to take a picture. We talked about pianos used by big name artists like Elton John and Billy Joel. I don’t doubt the David had them on his iPhone.

We headed to one of the green rooms to finish all of the paperwork. Delivery is scheduled for next Thursday. Now we just have to make room for it.

Once we were done, we headed for Santa Monica. We decided to have lunch at Gladstone’s in Malibu. Here’s a couple of pictures from the patio.


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One Comment on “More This and That”

  1. Robert Lawrence Says:

    Sounds like you are having a great time. Glad to hear it.
    Installation yesterday, Official visit Tuesday evening.
    Thanks for the update. We miss you.

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