Day 20 Journey’s End

After 4958 miles, we pulled into San Pedro, CA. We left Jean NV about 9AM, stopped at rest area just across the CA-NV border. Took a few pictures of the desert and the joshua trees. Weather starts out hot in the morning and gets hotter.

We talked with an older woman who worked in the dining room of the hotel. She had noticed my iPad. She said that she had a Kindle-Fire. She told us that when she was done with her shift she would go out in the desert and search for a geo-cache, but only if it didn’t get too hot. Too hot would be if it got over 105.

Here are a pictures from the rest area at Valley Wells, CA (aka. the middle of nowhere).

We stopped in Victorville for lunch at a Coco’s. For you easterners, Coco’s a restaurant franchise mostly in CA. Much like IHOP or Denny’s.

We finally hit the rush hour traffic of the I10 and I110. Nothing like the adrenaline rush of driving in LA traffic on freeways with 5 or 6 lanes across at 65 mph. One must keep your eyes on all three mirrors, GPS, and road ahead.

We spent the next couple of hours partially unloading the Jeep. Then finally dinner at Nico’s Pizzeria in San Pedro with Mike, Theresa and Jonathan.

Wednesday more unloading and dealing with keys and garage door openers. I’ll write another whole post on hotels.

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Location:San Pedro, CA

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One Comment on “Day 20 Journey’s End”

  1. Donna Gafford Says:

    You didn’t mention Mary K. eating with you all. Did she not have dinner with you? Hope she is ok.

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