Day 19 SLC to Nevada

Getting close to the end of the trail. Did about another 400 miles today heading down I15 to Nevada. Once we got outside of Salt Lake the air got a lot cleared. We could actually see the mountains on the horizon.

Here is a picture taken at lunch time at a rest stop somewhere in southern Utah.

We made pretty good time. Speed limit increases to 80mph once we get on the open straight away. Cooking along pretty good until we run in to construction where the speed drops down to about 60-65 mph.

We stopped in the afternoon in St. George UT to get a cup of coffee and look at hotel possibilities. We found that bargains for hotels in Las Vegas depended on booking for a 3-4 day stay. No bargains for single night. Boo-hoo.

So we decided to try Primm, NV. Last port of call before the CA-NV border. There are three large hotel-casinos there. First one had long lines then fire alarm went off. Nobody in the casino moved. Incredible.

So we went to another casino in the area, all booked. huh? It’s monday night. Why are all these people going to a hotel-casino to get rid of there money?

Continuing on would take us at least 50 miles into CA before we would get to a hotel. So we had to back track about 20 miles to the Gold Strike Hotel Casino. $39 per night and AAA discount of 5%. It’ll do. Not particularly fancy. Had dinner at the buffet for $20 for the two of us. Paula tried her luck at one of the slots. She lost $5 faster than you can blink your eye. No free wifi either.

So tomorrow we have about 250 miles to San Pedro. It’ll be good to be home.

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