Day 13 Salina, KS to Longmont, CO

Awoke to a steady rain in Salina. Good Lord they need it. I took a look at the weather map. Rain ending at western KS. Cleared up nicely.

We got on the road a little bit later than usual. Just as well I didn’t particularly want to drive in the rain.

We got onto I70 west. Cranked up the Jeep to 70mph and set the cruise control. Speed limit in KS is 75, but I’m not comfortable taking the Jeep to 75. Occasional construction lowered the speed limit to either 60 or 45. But it was 70mph almost all the way.

In New England the speed limit never gets over 65. Out here on the open road 75 mph is pretty common.

We did about 450 miles today, 3450 total. Gas price is still averaging around 3.50 per gallon of unleaded. Cheapest prices were in SC. I better get ready for the shock of gas prices in LA.

I had hoped to be able to see the Rockies from Longmont. No luck, smog has visibility under a mile.

Also, while driving up I25 just before we arrived at the hotel, we saw a truck with MA plates. Not very common.

We had dinner at burrito fast food restaurant called La Qdoba Grille. They make burritos to order. I had hoped that we could find a hotel with restaurant with bar in walking distance. No such luck.

We have 500 miles to get to West Jordan, UT. Our schedule says we should be there by Thursday. So that makes tomorrow an easy day.


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Location:Longmont, CO

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