Day 9 Houma to Memphis

Started off the morning on US90 from Houma to New Orleans. We ran into a nasty thunder storm. Luckily it didn’t last long. We didn’t want to be driving all the way to Memphis is this rain.

When we crossed the Mississippi state line, we stopped at a rest area that was one of the cleanest and nicest so far on the trip. Nice lady even offered free cup of coffee. Also Free WiFi.

We stopped for lunch someplace south of Jackson MS. We ate at a Sonic Burger. The burgers were good but the service was a challenge. Sonic Burger serves everyone in their cars. We decided that we needed to get out and walk a bit. We sat at a table outside and tried to order from the kiosk. It felt like that we were speaking a different language. We were speaking English, the lady on the sqawk box was speaking southern. Almost unintelligible.

We finally arrived in Memphis. We had called a hotel from a rest stop in MS. Turns out the hotel is one of the worst we have experienced so far. Supposed to have free breakfast. The free breakfast was donuts and coffee. Sign said “limit of 2 donuts per person”. Next time we will check out the place before we make reservation.

Finally we went searching for dinner. We ended up eating at an “Olive Garden”. We used a $25 gift card from our friends at Billerica Chapter. Then we found a CVS to refill one of Paula’s Rx’s. Then back to the hotel to bed.

Next post will be on Graceland.

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Location:Memphis, TN

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