Dday minus three

It’s a beautiful day in sunny NH. Not too hot yet.

We are on schedule to depart MA on Thursday. A lot has to happen before then.

I called PODS.COM to schedule the transport of our POD to LA. Done. It will be there before us.

More packing and loading of the car today. We hope to be mostly loaded by the end of today.

That being said a few errands need to be done. Got to go to USPO to forward mail to San Pedro. Pick up dry cleaning and finally meet with R.E. agents on plans to sell and/or rent the condo.

We’re kind of assuming that it won’t rent or sell. So we need to make sure that the place is ready for winter. Wind up the awning, put away the deck furniture, etc. I replaced the 9v battery in the freeze alarm. (device that auto-magically calls me when temp goes below 42F).

Tomorrow we had to Chelmsford to stay with friends. Probably dinner at Kimballs in Westford. Past Masters’ dinner on Wednesday evening.

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Location:Plymouth NH

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