Irish jokes

It seems all of the tour guides here seem to be comedians. Here a couple of samples.

Our driver was talking about some kind of Irish pipe instrument (ie. not bag pipes). He said that the Irish gave the bag pipes to the Scots as a joke. They still don’t get it.

The next joke was about three people had died and went to heaven. The first was a parish priest. St. Peter told him that he would have to wait until his room was ready.

The second was a bishop. St Peter told him that even though he had performed many good works during his life and converted many pagans to Christianity, he would have to wait for his room to be ready.

Then the third was a tour bus driver. St. Peter told him to come right in and welcomed him with open arms. The Priest and Bishop asked him why he got in so soon. St Peter then told them as a tour bus driver he had put the fear of God into many more people.

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Location:Eyre Square,Galway,Ireland

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