Day 4

More rain and fog today. We drove through the fishing village of Killybegs to view the Slieve League Cliffs. We had to take minibuses to the top of the cliffs because the road was too narrow for the tour bus. The tour guide (another Patrick) talked about what we would see if it weren’t for the fog. The guide also ran a little gift shop and restaurant at the base of the cliffs.

Once again there many sheep wandering about the hill sides. Sometimes the sheep would decide to wander on to the road. Probably more sheep in Ireland than people.

The hillside was covered with heather and peat bogs. When returned from our trip up to the cliffs, we were treated to coffee and fresh scones.

After leaving Slieve League, we meandered along a very narrow road. One time we met up with a mini-bus with no room to pass. Eventually, we found a spot where we could pass without falling into the ditch.

Then we came to another gift shop. This one was a woolen shop in the village of Ardara called Triona. Short tour showed how the weaving machines worked. We didn’t buy much. Paula convinced me to buy a woolen cap. Didn’t feel the need to get any wool sweaters for Southern California. Oh and they gave us a hot mug of Irish coffee. Very tasty.

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