Day 2 – Part 2

Sunday Afternoon we had a choice. We chose to go the Guinness Storehouse. Back in the 1745, Arthur Guinness made the deal of the millennium. He signed a lease for the 36 acre site in Dublin for 45 pounds per year for the next 9000 years.

The site is no longer used for brewing beer and is only used as a museum. We did the tour. One ends up with a free pint of Guiness on the 7th floor pub called the Gravity Bar. Spectacular views of Dublin. We also had some Guiness Beef Stew. Very tasty.

Here are a few pictures.

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Location:Guiness Storehouse – Dublin

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One Comment on “Day 2 – Part 2”

  1. Steve Wedge Says:

    That beer was defective: it’s empty!

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